Citizen Watch Repair Near Me

Citizen Watch Repair Near MeIn need of a Citizen watch repair near you? There are two options for getting your Citizen watch fixed: find a citizen watch repair shop near you or mail your watch to a Citizen service center. Most people would prefer to go directly to a local shop where they can speak with a technician about the issues and get a cost estimate.

In this article we will discuss both methods of getting your watch fixed. First we will discuss how to find Citizen watch repair near you and second what is required should you decide to send your timepiece to an authorized service center.

Find Citizen Watch Repair Near Me

The below Google map displays watch repair shops and jewelers local to you that are listed as providing service on Citizen watches. For any location you are considering you should consider calling ahead to make sure they service your model.

For alternative Citizen watch repair options you can reference Google Maps or Yelp. Its best to search for Citizen watch repair near me. The should bring up a variety of repair shops and jewelers who will work on Citizen watches.

Unauthorized Citizen Watch Repair Shops

Be aware that by having a jewelry store or repair shop work on your watch it will void the warranty. These stores may in fact do great work and be able to fix your watch, but they are not authorized service centers. This also means they can’t guarantee their work performed or provide services for free if in fact you are still under warranty.

More information on Citizen service centers below.

How Long is The Warranty on My Citizen Watch?

Citizen Watch Repair Shops Near MeCitizen provides a 5 year limited warranty from the date of your original purchase. To make claim on the warranty you will need to provide the repair service center with the original receipt that shows the date of purchase, model of the watch, and the purchase price. For more information on Citizen watch’s warranty, click here.

Citizen Battery Replacement

If your Citizen watch’s battery has died, then you only need a replacement. This can be done by a jeweler or watch repair shop near you, but note it may void your warranty. Changing the battery looks like a simple DIY task, but you could cause mechanical issues to the watch and introduce dust inside the casing.

Where you should definitely have a professional repair technician is if you need to change the battery on a water resistant watch. Once you break the factory seal on the back it is susceptible to water intake. A pro repair shop will run a water resistance test on your watch after they re-seal it.

Citizen Watch Crystal Replacement

The crystal is a clear hard material that resides between you and the dial and the hands of the watch. There are two different types of crystals acrylic and sapphire. Most Citizen watches have acrylic which is much less expensive to fix. If you have a high end Citizen watch you may not be so lucky as the sapphire is more expensive. With that being said though a sapphire crystal is much harder to break or crack when dropped.

Replacing the Band

You can find a variety of watch bands that will fit a Citizen watch. Bands range from high end metals to synthetic rubbers. Of course if you are considering a high end metal, then the more costly it will be to replace your band. If you don’t need band replacement, but need metal links removed that is something you can do on your own or ask a local jewelry store or watch repair place to do for you.

Mailing in Your Citizen Watch to a Service Center

If you’ve been looking for Citizen watch repair near me and not finding a reasonable solution, then mailing your watch to a service center is the next choice.

What you need to know before you send your Citizen watch for repair:

Citizen service centers are authorized to perform repairs and maintenance on Citizen brand watches. When they perform services they can guarantee their work for a specific amount of time after its complete. How long their work is guaranteed will be dependent on the services rendered. In addition if your watch is covered under warranty they can fix your watch at no cost to you for the parts and labor that are covered.

You should note that if you have had unauthorized service on your watch in the past it will void your warranty.

When sending in your watch to a service center you should provide your contact information, email address, case back number, serial number, and a description of the problem. If it is within the warranty period and falls under the protection of the legal warranty they will not charge you to fix it.

If not covered they will provide you a written estimate via mail on how much it will cost to fix. You can decide to have all, some, or none of the work performed. In the event you want no work performed they will return your watch back to you in the same condition you sent it.  If you do want the work performed you will need to mail a check or money order before they start. You can access their repair submission for here.

You can find a service center here. You are responsible for paying the shipping to the service center, but they will pay to have your watch sent back to you. Having your watch worked on by an authorized service center means they can honor your warranty if you are covered and they can guarantee their work for a limited time after you receive it back.

Tips Before Sending Your Watch in For Service

  • Communicate effectively and specifically regarding the issue. Describe it in detail. For example if the watch is fast…tell them exactly how fast do you think it is.
  • Put a value on it. If you are not sure of the vale take a guess and include it in on the package with your problem details.
  • Insure the package with the replacement value when you send it
  • Pack the watch securely using adequate packing and bubble wrap.

Can you DIY Citizen Watch Repair?

Technically yes, but its not what we recommend. Any unauthorized work on your watch will void the warranty. It may look simple to change the battery, but opening up your watch yourself runs the risk of damaging it. If perhaps you don’t care so much or you already know the warranty is passed, you can get watch repair tools via Amazon.

Brief History of Citizen

In 1924 the first Citizen watch (a pocket watch) was created by the Shokosha Watch Research Institute. The mayor of Tokyo is the one who originally named the watch “Citizen”, which was later adopted by the brand in 1930.

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