About Me

As an avid timepiece collector in a small town, I found it frustrating to find where to get watch repair near me. I realized the lack of information sources online and decided to set up this site to help other people out.

For the average watch owner it may not occur to you to visit a jewelry store and for a timepiece collector you may not be aware that there actually watch repair specialists near you. These places can provide services that extend from battery replacement to complete overhaul and watch restoration.

As a lover of timepieces I have earned a certain respect for the wrist accessories that I do not work on them myself no matter how easy the issue may look. Tinkering with your watch can sometime do more damage and cost you more money in the long run. Once you open your watch yourself you run the risk or breaking the mechanics, getting dust in it, and voiding the warranty.

My best advice is to let the pros do their jobs and do all your intricate watch work for you. Your only responsibility as a watch owner are to keep it clean, running, and in good condition. If you want to preserve it then you should also be mindful of where you wear it…don’t place tennis with it on or fix your car.

If you respect your watch it will take care of you for a long time.